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Two beer loving guys busting our humps every day to make some of the best beer around.
We are working hard around the clock and putting our heart and soul into every ounce of every batch.

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When Rob started out washing kegs all those years ago, who would have imagined he'd be owner and head brewer of his very own establishment? Rob did, that's who.

It was all part of the master plan. A firm believer of starting at the bottom and working his way to the very top, Rob has been a part of, every part of, the beer business for 11 years. From slinging beers, to crafting cocktails, selling and distributing, from managing the front of the house, to creating some very fine beer recipes, Rob has gone from Angry Rob to the brewer formerly known as Angry Rob.  Don't let the name fool you though, he's more likely to hug you than yell at you.

When he's not working tirelessly to make StormBreaker the best that it can be, Rob can be found nestled under fermenter #5 creating his next killer beer.

For any beer related questions, hit up Angry Rob at


Or the Danimal, as he's known throughout different parts of the country, has been searching the lands far and wide for the perfect place to raise his family and brew his beer. A journey that started in 1999 has taken him to 4 beer loving states, from east to west, finally settling down in the best city in the world in 2005.

Although not technically born in a fermenter, he was born pretty close to one, as he was brewing with his dad once he was old enough to lift a mash paddle.

As much as Dan loves the brewing process, he will be wearing many hats (he's very fond of them) and spending most of his time focusing on making StormBreaker the premier craft brewery in Portland.

If you have any suggestions on making StormBreaker even better reach out to him at


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